It was an “”Any Given Sunday’’ kind of long weekend in the NFL.

In week 3, Washington wasn’t supposed to beat the Giants, and who really picked the Rams over the Bucs, the Eagles over the Steelers in a blowout, the Falcons in a shootout in New Orleans and, ye gads, the Vikings in such an easy victory at Carolina? And the dog-butt Browns should have defeated the Dolphins, except for a gagging kicker. And who knew Trevor Siemian would play the game of his life (peewee, high school, college, pros) against the Bengals?


No excuses, though. I picked good; teams played bad.

I finished 6-9-1 – the tie because the Packers were picked by seven over the Lions, and it end up 34-27.


I went into Week 3 up by 260 units (fictionally betting 100 units a game, with an extra 10 units as the juice if I lost), and I come out gagging like a Cleveland kicker down 150 units overall.


Let’s get back ahead in Week 4.


Miami at Cincinnati (-7.5):  I’ve lost confidence in my man Adam Gase, in spite of the overtime victory against the Browns.  The Bengals have to win at home over that awful effort against Denver. BENGALS 35-17.


Indianapolis (-2.5) and Jacksonville at London: I’ve seen several games in Wembley Stadium. Strange things happen in front of those crazy Great Brits. The Colts aren’t anything special, and Jacksonville quickly has returned from team du jour before the season to the same ol’ swill after three games. INDIANAPOLIS 27-24.






Detroit (-3) at Chicago: Tough choice. Two also-rans although the Lions certainly have played better than the Bears.  In a real-life fight, would you take a lion or a bear? Me, too. LIONS 28-20.


Carolina at Atlanta (-3):  Something’s wrong with the Panthers. Some things are right with the Falcons.  Nevertheless, CAROLINA 34-30.


Oakland at Baltimore (-3.5):  The Ravens are undefeated, somewhat a surprise to most people, and the Raiders are 2-1, but not as much a surprise because they were expected to be improve. This game will be close, and decided at the end. Raiders and the points. RAVENS (barely) 27-24 in overtime.


Buffalo at New England (-4.5): It obviously doesn’t matter who plays quarterback for the Patriots. But wouldn’t it have been something if Peyton Manning came out of retirement and took off his robe to play for New England. I liked that rumor. The Bills finally looked like a team in their last game, but they won’t win here. The Patriots have a few close shaves, but never lose at home, and Tom Brady is back from Italy and back in the lineup for the next game. NEW ENGLAND 35-20.


Seattle (-2.5) at the New York Jets: The Jets have issues. The Seahawks have a gimpy quarterback.  Give me gimpy. SEATTLE 20-17.


Cleveland at Washington (-8): What can the big Browns do for you? Lose again. I just don’t think it will be as close as it was in south Florida.  WASHINGTON 31-20.


Tennessee at Houston (-5.5):  The Texans have had time enough to recover from the mess in New England. I know. J.J. Watt is out.  Doesn’t matter. The old Oilers would have a better chance. TEXANS 41-24.


Denver (-3.5) at Tampa Bay: Fool me once, shame on me; fool me twice, shame on me.  I won’t be fooled again. Some are calling this a trap game. Bucs are trapped in their own bodies. No shame here. DENVER 30-20.


New Orleans at San Diego (-4): The suspicion would be to take the Saints because the Chargers are hurting so much. This is Drew Brees vs. Philip Rivers, who once dueled for the starting spot at quarterback in San Diego.  Rivers wins again. SAN DIEGO 35-27.


Los Angeles at Arizona (-8): Not much faith in the Rams, who are tied for the lead in NFC West, and the Cardinals are not. I haven’t given up on the Cardinals, and I don’t believe in the Rams.  ARIZONA 33-12.


Dallas (-3) at San Francisco: Sounds like an NFC Championship affair from the distant past. Not any more. Dak Prescott is still my guy. I wanted the Broncos to pick him. They did just fine, but, as I said on ESPN’s “”Around The Horn’’ this week, I like Prescott over Trevor Siemian.  And I like the Cowboys here. DALLAS 24-20.


Kansas City at Pittsburgh (-5.5) Sunday night: Should be very good, even though both teams have been inconsistent. I don’t think the Chiefs can stay with the Steelers.  PITTSBURGH 31-24.


New York Giants at Minnesota (-4).  The Vikings are the story in the NFL. Lose your quarterback, lose your running back, trade for quarterback, and offer the best defensive team in league so far.  Eli was the bad Eli last week. He may be the good Eli in the city where his dad finished his NFL career.  Will be close enough down to the end, so take the Giants and the points. MINNESOTA 26-24.

Byes: Green Bay and Philadelphia.