Ten things you should know:

  1. has a new contest. Congratulations to previous winners. Please submit your best blackboard quote for the Woody Paige blackboard sayings on ESPN’s Around the Horn.  The contest will run through the end of July.  Winner, based on the judges’ ruling, will receive that actually blackboard with the actual saying on it, plus a personalized autographed “”Woody” baseball cap and a blackboard T-shirt.  Go to the section “”Submit A Blackboard” and send yours .  If you win, you’ll be contacted for your address.
  2. David Griffin’s contract hasn’t been renewed by Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert.  LeBron tweeted out if nobody else appreciated what “”Griff” did while in Cleveland, he certainly did, and King James mentioned that the Cavs had won one title.  So, wouldn’t it make sense for the Los Angeles Clippers to hire Griffin as the genral manager?  He might be able to attract James to the Clippers at the end of the 2018 season and create another Super Team in the NBA.
  3. Speaking of general managers, the Nuggets screwed up big time.  They recently promoted general manager Tim Connelly to president of basketball operations and his assistant Arturus Karnsovas to general manager. Seems like a lot of people in charge of the Nuggets, with Josh Kroenke as the president of everything and his father Stan Kroenke as owner of all things Nuggets and Avalanche and Rapids and Mammoth and arenas and stadiums The Can and The Dick.  They should have named Chauncey Billups the executive vice president of basketball.  Billups always wanted to come home, where he still lives, and be in basketball management. Instead, he wasn’t offered a job, like his role on ESPN as an NBA analyst and now probably will be taking over as president of basketball operations for the Cavs.
  4. The Nuggets should trade their three draft choices in the first and second rounds to the Magic — Orlando, not Johnson — for the sixth pick and select Lauri Markkanen. Now, the Knicks’ president of basketball operations, Phil Jackson, is interested in the 7-foot power forward out of Finland and Arizona.  I think he’s the next Dirk.
  5. In my twitter poll about who should be the starting quarterback for the Broncos, Paxton Lynch will be the winner, but not by much, and Chad Kelly got a lot of votes.
  6. Nolan Arenado should be the starting third baseman in the All-Star game, but he trails Chris Bryant by 300,000.  Look at the comparison of all numbers offensively and defensively.  Arenado leads in 11 of 13 categories and is tied in home runs with Bryant at 15.  No doubter. Bryant should be the backup this year. it’s Nolan’s turn to start.
  7. I willl be writing more columns and stuff for
  8.  Mark Knudson, former major league starting pitcher and a Colorado guy, has been a weekly contributor to the site, and will continue to do as much, if not more columns regularly. He has great insight on baseball, of course, but covers all sports and has some incredible, thoughtful, hard-hitting opinions. Read him.
  9. I’ve decided Whatburger wins over Five Guys, In ‘N Out and Shake Shack, but Bud’s Bar In Sedalia, Co., owned by one of my best friends, is the all-time best. It’s hard to miss if you go to Sedalia. There’s really only one main street.
  10. If you put a brick inside your toilet, you will save dozens of gallons of water every month.