Forget Taco Tuesday. It’s T-Ball Tuesday. Tebow Tuesday. Tebowmania Tuesday. Tryout Tuesday.

Timmy Tebow will showcase his skill set for at least 20 major league baseball teams on Tuesday in Los Angeles. What are the odds anybody will sign him?  How about 15-1, since that was his football number?

Or 15,000-1?

He will run a 60-yard dash to begin with, although there is no call for 60-yard dashes in baseball. He should do a 90-foot dash. Bad advice, Tim.

He will make throws from the outfield, the assumption being, I suppose, that he will be an outfielder. He once told me he was a better pitcher than he was a quarterback when he was young. Don’t scoff and say, of course, he was. I think that was one of the reasons for his passing motion. He threw the football as one would throw a baseball pitch. He wound up and fired.

He hit almost .500 as a junior in high school before giving up the game to concentrate on football. “”I believe I could have played baseball, but my dream always was to be a quarterback in the NFL,’’ he told me.

He will hit against a batting machine. He will hit against a batting practice pitcher. He will then bat against a former Triple A pitcher. Then the scouts will make their evaluations and report back to the Dodgers, the Mets, the Angels, the two Chicago teams and the others.  It’s not quite like a young Cuban ballplayer trying out.  After all, Tebow has just turned 29.  But it will be intriguing. And despite a number of baseball executive claiming they are not interested, they will won’t to have someone sniffing, even if it’s a circus. Tebow always has been a sideshow attraction.

Tim has been under wraps for a year training under baseball coaches and former players, waiting for this moment. We’ll shall know by Tuesday afternoon what the world of baseball thinks.

Here’s what I think:


August 31, 2016 – Tim Tebow, former Broncos starting quarterback and former Jets backup and former failed tryout in camps with the Patriots and the Eagles, has decided to attempt a baseball career. Tebow has not played baseball since he was a junior in high school in 2004, when he hit .494.

Wouldn’t it be stunning if the Colorado Rockies signed Timmy Tebow?  It is well to remember that the Rockies once drafted another college quarterback, who did play in their minor-league system.

Russell Wilson.

Gary Sheffield, a member of the Denver Zephyrs’ minor league team in 1988, said Tebow “”is a natural’’ (another Roy Hobbs?) and could be a major league player within three years.

Apparently, Timmy, as he referred to himself whenever he called me, finally has gotten over his football comeback aspirations.

What if he doesn’t make it?

What else could be ahead for Tebow?

August, 2017 – After being cut by the Schaumburg Boomers of the independent Frontier League and giving up baseball permanently, Tim Tebow has announced he’s been playing pick-up basketball in his Florida backyard and will join the Rio Grande Valley Vipers of NBA Developmental League. He is hopeful of being signed by the Denver Nuggets as a point guard. Tebow has not played basketball since he was in a YMCA league in the eighth grade.

August, 2018 – After hosting his annual charity golf tournament and shooting an 86, Tim Tebow declared that he will play in the PGA Q-school and believes he has an excellent chance to go on the Australian Golf Tour. One senior pro says Tebow has a good swing and is a “”natural’’, but his iron shots, like his football passes, tend to go a bit wild and out of bounds.

August, 2019 _ After posting scores of 102-111 in his last tournament in Fiji, Tim Tebow said he no longer will pursue a professional golf career. Instead, he will participate in the next “”Ironman’’ competition, which will lead to his preparation for next year’s Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Tebow expects he will be able to medal in kayaking, judo, swimming, the triathlon and men’s gymnastics – and maybe golf. Tebow will be representing the Philippines, where he was born. “”I’m committed,’’ he said. NBC commentator Michael Phelps said: “”Tebow should be committed, if you get my drift.’’

August, 2020 – After appearing on “”The Bachelorette’’ and winning, and planning to be married soon and “”culminating’’ a relationship for the first time in his life – his fiancée called him a “”natural’’– Tim Tebow said he intends to audition for “”The Voice’’ and will be a contestant on “”Dancing With The Stars”” and is in regimented training for the next season of “”Survivor.’’ “”I dreamed as a kid of being a winner on a reality series.’’

August, 2021 – After his sermon at The Tim Tebow Crusade drew 123,000 to the Los Angeles Coliseum, Tebow proclaimed that he will strive to become a star for the United States soccer team in next year’s World Cup in Qatar. “”It’s football. I’m a football player. What I like about soccer is you pass the ball with your foot, not your arm. I’ll work harder than anyone else, and, as someone from Florida, I’m sure I can handle the heat in Qatar. Tebow has been training with David Beckham and Posh Spice, who called Timmy a “”natural’’ and sang: “”Soccer is ready for Tebowing.’’

August, 2024 — After watching both national political conventions, Timothy Richard Tebow has revealed he will be an independent candidate for President. “”I will run, and I will win, so help me God,’’

August, 2025 – After all three Broncos quarterbacks were injured in the opening exhibition against the London Fog expansion team, franchise owner John Elway stated in a press release that 38-year-old Tim Tebow has agreed to sign as the Broncos’ starting quarterback.


(This column has updated and original content. An earlier version appeared in The Gazette.)