Hello again!

Now, where was I?

Welcome back to the new — and, I hope improved – woodypaige.com.

We have some exciting changes, additions and moving parts to the website, and we also are open to your recommendations and complaints.

Contact me by email: woody@woodypaige.com. I’ll be more involved on a daily basis since resigning from The Denver Post after 35 years. Before that rather long assignment, I was a sports columnist at the Rocky Mountain News, and, before that, a writer, reporter and then columnist at The Commercial Appeal in Memphis for six years. Previously, I worked at the Whitehaven Press and The Knoxville Journal, and I was even columnist and editor for my university (Tennessee) newspaper, The UT Daily Beacon. I’ve been doing this professionally for almost 53 years. I turned 70 on June 27. I doubt I’ll make it another 70 years, or perhaps even 7, but I’ll be with you as long as I can.

I’ve continue to appear regularly, as I have from the beginning, for 14 years, on the daily ESPN show “”Around The Horn’’. I also was on ESPN’s morning show “Cold Pizza’” with Skip Bayless for three years and served as a judge, with Stephen A. Smith, for three seasons of the ESPN reality show “”Dream Job.’’ I have been a guest on the “Today’ Show”, “Good Morning America’’ and ESPN’s SportsCenter, among others.

I am totally excited to be joining The Colorado Springs Gazette (woody.paige@gazette.com) and TheDenverChannel, KMGH-TV, (woody.paige@kmgh.com) as a columnist, contributor and commentator.

There, there is this – woodypaige.com.

I will be writing columns and blogs, answering all (yes, all) your emails, displaying many on a daily basis on the site, and providing you with my latest blackboard saying, personalized blackboards for you and your friends, merchandise (for example, T-shirts with selected blackboard sayings) and my books (autographed, if you want) and books from my friends on Around The Horn.

We will be offering sports news and scores, links to other columnists and sports sections, links to The Gazette and TheDenverChannel, scoops, gossip, opinions on sports and life, my Woody’s A-Listers restaurants, bars, shops, stores and sites in Denver and Colorado and throughout the country and the world.

And we give you the opportunity to join us as an advertiser or, get this, a guest columnist or guest videographer. Yes, we’ve done this before, and it was, in a word, great. You can write your own columns, or blogs or videos, and submit them to woodypaige.com. The best, and even some of the mediocre and the worst, will be published and/or show on the site, and you will be a professional writer or videographer, too. Hell, you might even win prizes or eventually get paid a few bucks. You, will, showcase your talent for other media to see, and you might get a job out of it. One of my assistants recently went to work for a major cable network, and another has been hired as the sports producer for a Texas TV stations.

One of my former interns works as a reporter/anchor on a major news network, and he was the moderator for a Presidential candidate debate. Another intern became an award-winning reporter for a major daily in Houston, and another ex-writer-producer with worked with me is co-owner of the most famous public relations agency in Las Vegas. Others have become sports radio talk show hosts and producers, and sports writers for newspapers and websites.

If you’re good, I’ll try to help you get a job. That’s a promise. Along the way I’ll offer advice and explain how one of the least talented writers was able to get jobs in newspapers, radio and TV, and for national magazines, and ended up writing or co-authoring nine books for 53 years.

So, join me in this adventure as a reader, a contributor, a sponsor or just an innocent passer-by.

I promise it will be fun, entertaining, informative – and not boring.

And stay in touch.