Want to buy a used major league ballpark?

Phoenix is selling one.

Hey, get your peanuts, CrackerJack, beer, the stadium!

Why not offer it on E-Bay or Craigslist?

One ballpark, almost new, available. Good for baseball, concerts, company barbecues, weddings and WWE championship events. Act now. Price reduced. Motivated buyers. Comes with roof that can be opened and a swimming pool and air conditioning, and a large garage. And your own National League team that needs repair. Fixer-upper looking for creative buyer.

The Maricopa County district stadium board is considering selling the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks to an Atlanta outfit, although the stadium wouldn’t be moved to Georgia, although maybe, as bad as the D-Backs are, it should be.

The directors voted 5-0 to explore the sell at a cost of $60 million because they don’t want to pay for the projected upkeep and improvements over the next 10 years at the stadium in downtown Phoenix.

The price struck me odd.  I checked. The stadium was constructed in 1988 at a cost, with overruns, of $364 million.

That wasn’t a great investment. Wouldn’t you hate to lose $300 million on your house?

Let’s you and I offer $139,000 if we can get a 4 percent loan for 100 years, and a better team, and if Tony La Russa agrees to become manager.


What happened to the Denver Broncos’ Super Bowl offensive line?

Three of the five starters, and one veteran backup, are gone. Plus starting tight end Owen Daniels was released. And long-time starting left tackle, out all last year because of injury, was traded to the Jets for a bag of properly-inflated footballs.

Former Pro Bowler guards Louis Vasquez and Evan Mathis were not invited back. The Broncos didn’t think they were effective in the Gary Kubiak offensive system.  Mathis, who spent only one year with the Broncos, is now with the Arizona Cardinals, and Vasquez, who had signed with the Broncos after an outstanding career with the Chargers, is unsigned. There was a slight bit of interest from the Titans.  Starting left tackle Ryan Harris also was jettisoned, and now is with the Steelers. And another veteran tackle, Tyler Polumbus, was not invited back. He retired.

The Broncos will have a new quarterback, obviously, and a restructured offensive line with only one starter, center Matt Paradis, back in the same spot.

That’s a little too much to ask for, if you ask me.

BTW, I’ve covered Tyler in high school (Cherry Creek), college (Colorado) and the NFL (Broncos twice).  I’m declaring April 10 of next year Polumbus Day and holding a parade in his honor.


The media went to a press conference, and a water fight broke out.

Water balloons at 10 feet Saturday night.

Conor McGregor is back for UFC 202 in a rematch with Nate Diaz, who whipped him before. Unfortunately, I missed the last 201 UFC events.

I was at the first 1 – in Denver – long ago, and vowed never to go to another. So far, so good.

But I might want to watch this one from afar because the camps of McGregor and Diaz, in the pre-fight press conference, got into it with plastic water bottles and rather obscene language.  Officials said the two fighters’ handlers might not be allowed to attend the weigh-in, and I think double secret probation is a possibility.

UFC need McGregor, and he needs it. I’d take him.


Manu Ginobili bowed out of Olympic play after Argentina was blown out by USA play. I believe he has been playing in the Olympics since 1932, but I could be off by a few years. There should have been one final flop for old time’s sake.

Team USA needed a good dose of humility after three close games, and a sleeping giant awakened against Argentina.

But the gold medal and the winning streak are not locks for this bunch in Brazil. LeBron now says he wishes he could be playing.  And we wish that Steph Curry would be playing.

I do pull for Melo to medal once more. I was there when he wasn’t even allowed to get on the court for the U.S. team in the Olympics. Now, he’s the team’s leader.


If I were an NFL team, I wouldn’t touch Greg Hardy. But I would consider Devin Hester as a returner, Roddy White as a receiver and Antonio Cromartie as a cornerback.


Pat Bowlen got jobbed by the Pro Football Hall of Fame sub-committee that chose two contributors to present to the full committee.  Jerry Jones hasn’t been a real Super Bowl contender since the other Clinton was President. The Cowboys had one winning season in the last six. They’ve been in the playoffs eight times since 1995, and won three of 11 postseason games.

Under Bowlen, who bought the franchise in 1984, the Broncos have been to seven Super Bowls and won three.

Would it have been appropriate to honor Bowlen, who is suffering from Alzheimers, before it’s too late?